Old Heresies Resurface 

Old Heresies Resurface

Feast of Saint John Vianney, 4th August 2003

Whilst avoiding the temptation to drink (and do anything else :( I was lead to look at EWTN and its Catholic news site. Of interest, was the continuing reaction to the Church's pronouncements on 'same-sex unions'. The Church's document made mention of natural law. So off I went to the Catholic Encyclopedia
Curiousity then attracted me to the article on Jansenism
Jansenism, about which I had heard but knew little (and I still little understand the debate about grace - further research required). Although much of the theological debate went over my head, the refusal of the Jansenists to assent to the Holy Father's decisions struck a chord. Although the Jansenist controversy was in the 17th/18th century, it seemed to me to mirror the proud refusal of 'theologians' today to humbly accept the verdict of the Visible Head of the Church.

But more was in store. The article mentioned another heresy of the 18th century, Febronianism
. This heresy, named after the pseudonym used by the origniator basically argued that the Pope had no real authority and was merely the adminstrator of the decisions made by ecumenical councils (by majority vote). Febronianism also was quite big on national conferences of bishops. Hmmm.... I've heard this one recently as well.

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Comment St John Vianney was heavily influences by Jansenism. He appears to me to be a very self absorbed man. I cannot fathom why he was ever chosen to the be the patron saint of parish priests. John Vianney's writings are dreadful in many parts especially as regards the topic of dancing. Yep, dancing folks ! If you read excerpts on how he poo-hooed the young people and their parents who danced at parties and weddings even, you would feel repelled by this saint's writings. They are the obvious product of jansenism. Jansenism is a kill joy and sicko mental illness, just like its cousin, Calvinism. Only ultra traditionalist sedevacantists and schismatics quote from John Vianney( and the occasional self styled rigorists who are in visible communion with the Pope). Such clerics and laity who approve of rigorism are mentally ill folk. Some are certifiably mad.

Tue Feb 17, 2004 7:02 pm MST by Michael Webb

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