Opening entry 

Opening entry

June 7th
Whilst having a quick cigarette during the catechism class I teach, it dawned on me that individuals might be better if they inverted the tendency to make excuses for themselves and being hard on the actions of others. For instance, I???m always making excuses for my sinfulness (I drank too much, I was tired from work etc.), yet I NEVER (well almost) think charitably that this might be the cause (or contributory factor) in the sinfulness of others.

Drank too much, yet again. Fascinating (descent/ascent) into the world of regular drinkers (not a new thing, in fact it is a daily occurrence). Conversation seemed far from Christ and reality. Cousin Kev joined me. Five pints of ???Summer Lightning??? probably a pint too far.

Went to confession. St Peter (of Spain) and St Meriadoc, pray for us. They now join the (growing list) of saints whose feast day occurred on the day I resolved to become a saint ??? St Bernadette, St Benardine of Sienna, SS. Donation and Rogation. Will there be many more Lord?

Resolved next to nothing. Have I gained any graces today? Have I missed the opportunities to gain new graces, or have I lost any previous grace I had?

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Comment Why the strange characters? Whoops! I reckon it was because I 'cut and pasted' the text from Word TM.

Sat Jun 7, 2003 3:07 pm MST by Anonymous

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